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Crew House Etiquette

Living with just one person isn’t easy, but living with 10 or 12 people? Definitely not easy. Someone has the TV blaring, another person is cooking bacon and grease is flying around the kitchen like shrapnel, and someone else is banging on the bathroom door with a full bladder and an angry mouth. Living in a crew house in Fort Lauderdale definitely isn’t easy but it sure is fun. Plus, with the crew house etiquette it can be a breeze. Be sure to print this one out and tack it up to the bulletin board to make life a little more bearable—maybe laminate it too, for bacon grease reasons.

Don’t Hog the Bathroom

The bathrooms in crew houses are sacred territory. With four girls and one shower, every second counts. That is why it’s so important to do bathroom things in the bathroom and everything else in your room.

  • Things to do in the bathroom:

  • Shower

  • Use the toilet

  • Brush your teeth

  • Shave your face

  • Things not to do in the bathroom:

  • Paint your nails

  • Do your hair

  • Do your make-up

Be Courteous in the Kitchen

The kitchen is like no man’s land –but everyone goes in there. No one wants to clean it, but everyone wants to use it. It’s pretty simple, if you use a dish clean it. Don’t want to clean your dishes?

  • Buy paper plates

  • Assign designated wash days

  • Eat out/order in food

Keep the Volume Down

Everyone is in the crew house for a different reason. Some of us may be looking for a job and others might be taking courses. Regardless, it’s important to be respectful of how loud we are being.

  • Example: If it’s a Friday night and everyone is drinking in the living room and playing music obviously that’s fine, but it’s a Tuesday night and someone has class the next day then maybe blaring music isn’t the best idea.

Note: Headphones are always good to have around, not just for those who want to listen to music but also for those who want to block out the sound.

Get to Know Your Bunk Mates

Living in a crew house in Fort Lauderdale might drive you a little coo-coo, but the benefits outweigh every single cost. Maybe you’ll room with a chef who finally teaches you how to cut a sweet potato without slicing your fingers off, or maybe you will be tying monkey knots like it’s no one’s business. Getting to know those yachties who you live with will make or break your entire crew house experience. You’ll meet some of the most amazing and interesting people, you’ll get to network, and you’ll learn so much about yourself.

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